23 - 24 October 2024 | Hilton Sandton | Johannesburg - South Africa


Business Matchmaking

At the DEVAC NEXTGEN TRANSPORT (NGT) Forum, Business Matchmaking is a strategic initiative that facilitates valuable connections and collaborations among participants. The process includes dedicated networking sessions and industry-specific tracks, fostering purposeful interactions to ensure the sustainability of newly formed connections. This underscores the forum’s commitment to providing a dynamic platform for participants to contribute to the ongoing evolution of the Transportation and Mobility industries through impactful collaborations.

Automotive Technology Suppliers
Electric Scooter and Bike Manufacturers
Traffic Management and Control Systems Providers
Environmental and Emission Control Companies
Smart Infrastructure Solutions Providers
Fleet Management Companies
Traffic Analytics and Data Services Providers
Public Bike System Operators
GIS (Geographic Information System) Companies
Air Transport Companies
Parking Solutions Providers
Autonomous Vehicle Technology Developers
Security and Safety Systems Providers
Rail Transport Companies
Telematics Companies
MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Providers
Innovative Materials and Components Manufacturers
Human Factors and User Experience (UX) Design Firms
Toll Collection and Management Companies
Alternative Transportation Solutions Providers
Government Transportation Research Institutes
Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturers
Last-Mile Delivery Services
Road Construction and Maintenance Companies
Automotive Technology Suppliers